Essential Oil Soy Candle

Essential Oil Soy Candle

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 Made with superior cocosoy wax and scented with organic pure essential oil blends.

These candles are non tox and very clean. Vegan friendly and are free from paraffin wax and palm oil. The wicks are made with 100% cotton and are led free.

The candles come in a calico bag and label is biodegradable, bags can be re-used or recycled.

Organic essential oil blends:

Lift Me Up:

Top: Bergamot, Peppermint

Middle: Clary Sage, Aniseed

Base: Cedarwood, Heliotrope

Lift Me Up Pure Essential Oil is a rejuvenating blend. This highly stimulating blend energises the central nervous system, invigorating and strengthening where there is weakness and exhaustion. Contains the essential oils clary sage, aniseed, lemongrass, bergamot, peppermint and grapefruit.


Let Me Dream:

Lavender – Balancing, cleansing, soothing and relaxing.

Chamomile – Promotes inner peace and harmony.

Frankincense – Calming and soothing to the mind. Awakens insight.

Sweet Orange – Brings joy, calm and peace.

Ylang Ylang – Calming, warming and peaceful.

Let Me Dream organic blend is a restful blend intended to deeply calm and relax. Light the candle before sleep, after a busy day, or anytime you feel you need to wind down or relax. Peacefully made with pure and organic essential oils, Dream calms and soothes. 


Unwind With Me:

Sweet Orange – Brings joy, calm and peace.

Juniperberry – Cleansing, purifying and protective.

Sandalwood – Brings a sense of warmth, calm, peace and clarity.

Cinnamon Bark – Warming, comforting, inviting and grounding.

Cedarwood – Grounding, calming and balancing. 

Lavender – Balancing, cleansing, soothing and relaxing. Brings calm and compassion.

Patchouli – Soothing, grounding and relaxing.

Blended with pure and organic essential oils, Unwind With Me is a journey of possibilities, amazement and enlightenment.


Love Me:

Ylang Ylang – “The Flower Of Flowers” is passionate, sensuous, calming and euphoric. Warming and peaceful.

Sweet Orange – Brings joy, calm and peace.

Patchouli – Soothing, grounding and relaxing.

Geranium – Comforting, balancing and harmonising.

Know that you are loved. You are wonderfully made and truly special. Feel the warm and heartfelt embrace of this evocative candle made with organic blend called Love Me. Lovingly blended with pure and organic essential oils, it celebrates love and beauty.

Rose Otto – Opens the heart. Encourages unconditional love. Comforting, gentle and calming.